Memphis NAS Millington

July 2, 2008

More (pictures & stories) to come – PLEASE CHECK BACK OFTEN!



Dave, before joining the Navy




More on Dave



Dave attended the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas for a short period of time, selecting Liberal Arts as his major, before entering the Navy.

Postcard of the Memphis Aircraft Repair Line

NOTE:  I will be writing an interesting story about the planes shown on the above postcard.



Enlisted Mens Quarters – Millington Naval Base

Memphis Naval Air Station-men peeling potatoes



Dave’s Memphis Operators Permit


(altered for privacy/security purposes)

(back of permit)




The following reference letter (below) from G.R. Luker, Captain, U.S.N., was written to Dave’s parents in 1955, praising his efficiency and performance – finishing first in his class.

NOTE:  The following recommendation letter was one of several written for Dave’s benefit by Charles F. Baldwin, LT, USN, Assistant Maintenance Officer. Mr. Baldwin was a Navy pilot. ANYONE who has any information about this man is asked to please email Dave. He would like to get in contact with him, if possible or find out what happened to him.  Any information would be appreciated.





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  1. Was Enlisted men’s quarters building S-238 . I was there in the 70’s

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