Naval Air Station, Norman, Oklahoma

July 3, 2008

The following letter was written to David Wilson, Dave’s father in 1954 by Capt. Johnson, Commanding Officer.  Dave had just reported to the Norman Oklahoma Naval Air Technical Training Center for training.

Dave Wilson


Original, and very rare Norman NAS patch

norman-banner_nas A rare Naval Air Station banner




  1. I was at Norman in late 1958 to early 1959 for Airman Prep school prior to CIC school at Glynco (Brunswick, GA), and then qualified as an aircrewman on Navy WV-2’s (Willie Victors) and flew 3300 hours on the Atlantic Barrier patrols. Loved the whole Navy experience.

    Fly Navy
    Luke Flannery

  2. My father, Theodore Thomas Tweet, Sr. was stationed at N.A.T.T.C, Norman, Oklahoma from 1955-1957. We lived on base in building 144, Apartment three. My youngest brother Tim, and youngest of our family was born in Norman. It was an experience I will never forget. Taking the Navy bus, with Navy chaperon, from base to Madison Elementary was an experience. Several trips to the tornado shelter, one day four times in an evening. These were times to remember.

    We arrived, by train all five kids, my mom and dad and were met with a Chief from the base and his daughter. We had breakfast and then off to our “new home” on base.

    Norman, OK was our first “shore duty” station and then to California for eight years of sea duty by Dad, followed by two years at another “air-dale” base, given Dad was “black shoe” Navy and had spent most of his time on the East Coast while mom took care of her bed-ridden/invalid mother and five young kids under 7.

    These will always be things to remember, and fondly.

  3. I served at Norman tech training center in 1958. I then went on to parachute rigger A school in Lakehurst NJ & the served at nas ny Floyd bennett field
    Al Raimer
    Tamarac Fl

  4. My son lives in Norman and I have spent many days there. Today driving on Robinson, I was reminded that I had gone to Airman prep school there in 1954 prior to going to AD school in Millington. Raised in north Arkansas I remember hitchhicking home, with a high school buddy, on all free weekends. I don’t remember much of the training but as many, I vividly remember the train ride from San Diego. I left the Navy in 1957 as an AD2 to go to college on the GI Bill. Strange that I would return to Oklahoma to attend OSU in Stillwater.

    • Dr Stenseng: Thank you for visiting my dad’s website, AviationDave. I am sorry for the delayed response. You and my dad have many parallels. If you would be interested in talking to him, I’m sure he would enjoy it. He is 89 and doing quite well. You can email me @ AviationDave@gmail.com if you are interested in visiting with him. I am Dave’s daughter and I have lived in Norman since 1985. Thank you for your service and best wishes.

  5. I was stationed at Norman later part of 1957 for Airman Prep School. Upon completion, I was assigned to NAS Olathe, KS for Air Traffic Control “A” school.

  6. My dad Walter L. Wallace was Commanding Officer of NAS Norman, OK during the Korean War. My brother and I explored every room in the main facility. I started 1st grade at Lincoln Elementary in 1952. Stephen Wallace

  7. I was sent to Norman for Aviation Fundamentals training in ’56, an interim step before being transferred to electronics training (AT) at NATTC Memphis. The event I remember best: We were on the flight line learning to start and taxi aircraft. I was one of those selected to put up barriers to keep others out. The part of the training I missed was: “Stay away from prop blades. It’s always possible a hot engine will kick over after engine shut down and cause serious injury”. I returned to my assigned aircraft and right away proceeded to lean on its prop during the lecture. I had unknowingly violated that major rule. I was made to run up and down the flight line in front of God and everybody hollering, “I am an idiot – beware of the prop .. I am an idiot – beware of the prop. Now that was humiliating to say the least.

    Ultimately, I spent 3 years as a ships company green shirt on the USS Midway, then as air crewman in P2Vs in VP-1 in Whidbey Island, WA, Kodiak, and Adak, AK. (I left just as the squadron was sent to Viet Nam), then in the electronics shop and in quality control (flying just enough to maintain flight pay) in VP-31, a training squadron.

  8. My Father -John James Duckett attended Aerial photography school at N.A.T.T.C Norman Ok. in 1958-1959

  9. I attended the Airman Preparatory school From December 1955 to February 1956. The school taught us boots to be naval airmen. We learned aviation safety and were given an opportunity to work in each Naval aviation job. They tried to make me an Aviation Electronics technician but my enlistment contract called for me to be a Navy Aerial Photographer and I insisted, Served 20 Years and retired as a CWO3 Photographic Officer. Photographer 2 Presidents and the inside of a sewer. Great career. It was cold there then and once we had an inch of ice on the roads, When we marched to class if one man fell a group of us fell. We had liberty in Oklahoma City and spent time in Kotches (sp) club for minors. Met a girl there named Sandra Kruse – wonder what happened to her.

  10. I went thru NATTC Norman from May 20 to July 30, 1954..then on to AO A school in Jacksonville Fla. Great times.

    Jan Kordel AO2/c

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