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Argentina A-4 and Douglas Flight Line Crew

March 4, 2009

douglas-crew(Dave Wilson not pictured here)

On ladder:  Burdell Cobb (Chief Burdell Cobb over Dave in Hawaii);  3rd man from left;  E.C. Pate;  the 5th man from the left (under ladder and behind 4th and 6th man) was ?? Peterson;  the 7th man from the left was ?? Cochran;   gentleman on the far right whittled some earrings out of peach seeds and gave them to Dave’s wife.  (He carved a monkey holding his tail out of the seeds.  Have you ever tried to cut into a peach seed?  It’s hard!) 

These are the only names Dave recalls.  If you can identify any of the other men, please let us know!


Employees of Douglas Aircraft

March 4, 2009

Here’s an old photo of Dave Wilson with some of his co-workers.  From time-to-time Douglas would award employees who had made suggestions which resulted in saving the company money and this photo documents just such an awards ceremony.  Sounds like a productive program that would bring about positive changes “in every company.”

Recognize anyone?  If so, please drop us a line!

douglas_employeesDave Wilson, front row, 1st man on front row, far left side.

The man to Dave’s left is Al Bell.

Gentleman on front row, center (4th man on front row) was A. P. McCullah.