Argentina A-4 and Douglas Flight Line Crew

March 4, 2009

douglas-crew(Dave Wilson not pictured here)

On ladder:  Burdell Cobb (Chief Burdell Cobb over Dave in Hawaii);  3rd man from left;  E.C. Pate;  the 5th man from the left (under ladder and behind 4th and 6th man) was ?? Peterson;  the 7th man from the left was ?? Cochran;   gentleman on the far right whittled some earrings out of peach seeds and gave them to Dave’s wife.  (He carved a monkey holding his tail out of the seeds.  Have you ever tried to cut into a peach seed?  It’s hard!) 

These are the only names Dave recalls.  If you can identify any of the other men, please let us know!


  1. Dear Mr. Wilson:

    I found this very interesting picture of an Argentine Air Force A-4 sailing in the web whose link connected me to his beautiful log.

    I think that this A-4B belong to the second delivery to my country becasue it shown painted. The first A-4’s came in metal finish paint.

    Perhaps have you another pictures of our A-4? I have a very special fondness to this airplane.

    I f you have anything from my country, just write me.

    Yours sincerely

    Carlos A. Garcia

  2. The man on the far right is Ray Bollinger. I worked with him on the F-4 program and in the machine shop. I have several articles that he carved out of peach seeds. He was a very good man. The man standing next to him I think is Jay Raines.

  3. Burdell Cobb is my grandpa. It is really neat to see him in this picture. Thank you.

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