Employees of Douglas Aircraft

March 4, 2009

Here’s an old photo of Dave Wilson with some of his co-workers.  From time-to-time Douglas would award employees who had made suggestions which resulted in saving the company money and this photo documents just such an awards ceremony.  Sounds like a productive program that would bring about positive changes “in every company.”

Recognize anyone?  If so, please drop us a line!

douglas_employeesDave Wilson, front row, 1st man on front row, far left side.

The man to Dave’s left is Al Bell.

Gentleman on front row, center (4th man on front row) was A. P. McCullah.


  1. I noticed you had something about Harry Woodhead! I remember Harry – he was my Dad’s boss, he promoted my Dad! I remember he had a fur rug in his front room – it was either a tiger skin or a polar bear, don’t remember for certain. I do remember thinking it was the neatest thing I’d ever seen!

  2. Great history, worked at the plant 81 through 84, DC-8 reengine, rewired cockpit stations 1,2,3, 90 kva generator program, and electronics building making wiring harnesses

  3. My father Eugene F. Seitz worked for Douglas in the mid 1930’s through 1959 when he passed. He worked in Santa Monica and he lived in Gardena. I think he was a foreman, but he also had “top secret” clearance. Is there a way I could find out more about what he did there? Or where I might find out exactly what he did there.

  4. I worked at Santa Monica in Department 496 in 1973 with my father Corral “Socky” Breding. He was hired in 1939-40 by Donald Douglas. He did upholstery on DC-3’s later he did sealing and bonding. He sealed the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Space Craft. We lost all of dad’s Douglas and McDonald Douglas Aerospace photos. I’m looking for an archive that might contain some of these images. They were done by the company so I’m praying that they still exist.
    Thanks in advance for any help Marlo Breding

    • So sorry for the delay responding. I wish we could help but we have nothing from that era. Thank you for viewing the site. Best wishes to you.

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