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Never forget those who have given ALL!

February 7, 2016

EC-121 No. 21 Intel Recon Navy AC at DaNang in March of 1969. Within a couple of Weeks, this Recon Aircraft was pulling Missions in the Sea of Japan along the North Korean Coast. On April 15th, 1969 – This Aircraft, with All 31 Crew Members was Ambushed and Shot Down by Two MiG21 Aircraft that had Vectored off the Sea Deck Into a Perfect Intercept Path and Shot This Aircraft Down. There were no Survivors. Although these Troops had spent more than Nine Months Flying Missions off of North Vietnam – The Shoot Down and the Deaths of All 31 Did Not Account for any Names on the Wall.

Aviation Machinist’s Mate Second Class Balderman was a member of the crew of an EC-121 surveillance aircraft, serving with the U.S. Navy. On April 15, 1969, while on a surveillance mission over the Sea of Japan in support of the Korean truce, his aircraft was shot down. All 31 crewmen were reported missing. He was presumed dead on May 2, 1969. Aviation Machinist’s Mate Second Class Balderman was awarded the Purple Heart and the National Defense Service Medal.

Nalderman was not supposed to be on the mission that day. As fate would have it, he filled in for a fellow crewman who couldn’t make the flight for whatever reason.

The only two bodies recovered were that of AT1 Richard E. Sweeney and LTJG Joseph R. Ribar.

Concerning this incident, someone noted “Johnny Walker was feeding the russians code cards. The North Koreans had Captured the Kryto Comm Systems aboard the Pueblo, and the Mission of the EC-121 over the Sea of Japan was compromised with the Reading of the mission status before it began. Those MiG’s were Vectored into a perfect setup, and they had never been able to pull that off Prior to the shoot down of this aircraft.

Lest We Forget – April 15th, 1969”

Another noted, “Lost Soldiers of the Cold War Were Not Common – “In The Public”. Our Recon Missions Over Russia after WWII and During the Korean War are Not Known by 98% of our American Citizens. The Reports have finally been declassified, however they are not publicized to any extent. Here’s a Real Surprise for You:

Can you imagine Americans in Russian Prison Camps, and their family members being told that they crashed at Sea – unrecovered and all the while – Being held in a Russian Gulag… I recently met one of those fellows that flew on those B-52 missions, and he confirmed the information on the above site is true.”

There are a lot of secret warriors that paid the price and no one knows about.

R. I. P.  A grateful nation will never forget you and thanks you for your service and great sacrifice!