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Purpose of this Weblog

June 17, 2008

Dave, holding one of his grandsons (1985)


Through this weblog, our father David L “Dub” Wilson will share many of his lifelong experiences relating to his training… from his time spent at Norman Naval Base in Oklahoma, NAS Memphis Tennessee Millington, to Guam via the U.S.S. Barrett, to NAS Barber’s Point, Hawaii-Air Bourne Early Warning VW-1 Squadron One, USN & his many years as flight supervisor at Douglas Aircraft Co./McDonnell Douglas Plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma along with some totally unrelated posts and experiences.  This weblog is a family effort aimed at sharing some of the wonderful stories that we have had the great benefit and honor growing up listening to through the years.

Dave’s daughter, Cheryl and son, Larry, will be posting and managing the weblog (along with other family members who may jump in to contribute to the project from time-to-time).

Our purpose is to preserve some of our father’s great stories, all being valuable moments in history – and to remind all who visit this site what an incredible generation -hands down, the greatest generation- did for us and our nation and to honor them all.   In addition to our father being the absolute ‘best dad in the whole world,’ we’d like to share with you his contributions in making this world a much better place.’  God bless this nation and God bless & keep all those belonging to the Greatest Generation!


Thank you for visiting – for your interest and your time!

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give him a call and thank him for his hard work and sacrifices!

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